Saturday, May 31, 2008

Inspired by "Sweet Child of Mine" (Guns 'n' Roses)

candeat ut caelum, disectis nubibus, altum
caeruleasque vides, sole nitente, plagas?
sub caelis iuvenes - reminiscere! - adire serenis
nos placuit celebri prata remota foro!

Do you see how the deep sky gleams, now that the clouds have dispersed
and its blue tracts, the sun glittering?
Under clear skies it pleased us to go (bring it to mind!) to meadow
remote from the crowded city center!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Elegiac Couplet

Sapphica tum malam componere carmina quando
Ibis Pacificas, ad Zephyri latebras!

Then shall I prefer to compose Sapphic song, then
When you'll come to the Pacific haunts of Zephyr's blasts!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Elegiac Couplet

carmina pro pomis, pro sertis carmina donem;
risum si moveant, illa valere sciam!

Let me give songs instead of apples; instead of garlands, songs!
If they inspired a smile, then I'd know they are worthy!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Inspired by Nelly Furtado's Promiscuous (First stanza of Chorus turned in Latin Alcaics):

Promiscuous girl
Wherever you are
I’m all alone
And it's you that I want

O, nota multis, tu mea sis volo,
absente solus te cupidus tui
praesentis oris candidique
corporis et nitidi capilli.

O, known by many, I want you to be mine,
whenvever you're absent, I'm alone,
longing for your lips, your brilliant body,
your elegant hair.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Clari Renident (Alcaici)

Clari renident nubila candida
splendore solis, montium et aspera
luna refulgent, at puellae
labra nitent rubra sub lucerna

describat astrorum aethere in arduo
doctus meatus; sunt mihi savia
sublimiora atque apta carmini
ad celebrem et data signa mensam.

The clouds beam forth, white with the sun's splendor
the austere mountain heights glitter with the moon light
But her lips gleam red under the lamp flame.

Let the scientist describe the paths of the stars,
traced in high heaven; for me, kisses are
more sublime and apt for song,
and signals given at the crowded table.

Alcaics - Rough Draft.

clari renident nubila candida
splendore solis montium et aspera
luna refulgent et puellae
labra nitent rubra sub lucerna.

the clouds beam forth, white with the sun's spendor.
the austere mountain heights glitter with the moon.
Her lips gleam red under the light of the flame.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Another Sapphic


explicabis, bella, tuum ante doctos
(docta et ipsa) amplo ingenio laborem et
mox super salsum pelagus volabis
libera Atlantis.

You shall explain, pretty girl, before learned men
(you yourself are learned) your work of ample talent
and then, free,
you'll fly over the salty main
of Atlas.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Another Sapphic Stanza


versantem cantare meis in urbe

ventosa Musis Capreisve pulchris

apricantem te libeat, profectamve

Indicum ad aestum.

Let this please you that, with my Muse,

I sing of you staying

In the windy city, or sunning

Yourself in beautiful Capri, or

On your way to the heat of India.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Another Sapphic Stanza (2nd draft)

vidi ego pulchrum


somnium nocte in placida, poeta
ut movet plectrum citharam sonantem
Germanis dum ardore puella miro
saltat in aulis.

I had a beautiful dream during peaceful night
how a poet moved his pick, causing his lyre to resound
while with marvels passion the girl dances
in German courts.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Some Sapphics

mirantur cuncti lepide canentem
feminam* voces resonante pulchras
silva, nec praedam meditatur ullam
impiger ursus.
urbem ad Angleorum adeas, puella,*
saltatum Hispano placitura motu
gyransque effuso gradiere rufo
splendida amictu
Pastor ut videt tonitru frementes
nubes, praesepis cupiunt adire
iam greges, aequor nitido refulget
fulmine virens.
*femina, puella replace name of dedicatee