Saturday, October 31, 2009

Another Stanza For A.A. Bondy Latin Version
(Opus prōcēdit; nec iam perfectum est)

altīs procul sum moenibus; urbis et
frēnīs solūtus per iuga nunc vagor
lūnae velut baubans lupus, iam
reddet et ipse animum quietum

explens sonō lustra et nemora invia

Far am I from the towering city
and, free from its restraints,
I now wander over the mountain ridges
like a wolf, howling gently at the moon
soon to restore peace to its soul

by filling the haunts and glades
with that savage sound...

Friday, October 30, 2009

"Salus Populī Lex Summa Estō"
Elegiac Meter

mē retinēre credis quīn scrībam carmina acerba?
(sēsē - ut vēra dīcam - quis retinēre potest?)
cūria nunc partim - populī quae tōta salūtem
dēliberat variī - consulit ipsa suae.
rīdet iam tōtus - nisi nōn terrae stupet orbis -
"Illīc* optima lex estne salus populī?"
cf. Prop. 1.19.11: illīc, quicquid erō, semper tua dīcar imāgō

Do you think that I can keep from writing bitter songs
(Who - to tell that truth - can hold back?)
Part of the senate - which, in its entire
deliberates over the health of a diverse people -
now looks to its health alone.
Now the entire world - if it isn't in shock -
snickers: "is that really the place where they say
"The Health of the People
Shall be the highest Law -
"Salus Populī Lex Summa Estō"?

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Alcaic Stanza for work in progress:
"I can see the pines are dancing"

fērā poēta in silvā ululam velut
lūnae lupus cēdentibus asperae
signīs suō caecīs nitōre
rursus Amor volitans relīquit

quem nunc canentem barbitos adiuvat
maestus poētam; hoc et mihi sit melos
ignī furantī; quō involūtus
mox fuerō renovanda ut āles

Let me howl like a wolf
in the wild wood;
night's standard-bearers
to the jagged moon
give way, unseen
for its bright gleaming.

Quick-moving love again has left again.

Let this song be
as a raging fire
and I the Phoenix,
consumed by it.

Stanzas for
"I can see the pines are dancing"

Fērā poēta in silvā ululam velut
lūnae lupus cēdentibus asperae
signīs suō caecīs nitōre
rursus Amor volitans relīquit

mē; quem canentem barbitos adiuvat -

Let me howl in the wild wood,
like a wolf, as the sky's bright signs,
now unseen from its refulgence,
give way to the jagged moon.

Again quick-moving love has left
me, now the lyre encourages

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Dēsiste, cor
In Alcaic Meter
Inspired by A.A. Bondy "I can see the pines are dancing"
In memory of Summer 2009

Dēsiste, cor, iam tundere pectora:
nōn tē cicādae cantus in arduō
saltū relaxat? - (1) qu
ī serēnā
nocte facit saliant comētae

saltū relaxat? - (2) quī comētās
nocte trahit mediā fugācēs .


Heart, stop pounding 'gainst my chest:
Doesn't the cicada's sweet song
filling the steep mountain ravine
soothe you?

And it makes the comets dance
across the serene night sky.
and it lures the comets out
streaking 'cross the midnight sky