Sunday, January 28, 2007

Carmen in praesulem Civitatum Foederatarum Iambicum.
Die 28 Mense Jan. Ann. 2007 A.D.

Cruenta, inepte, nunc per arva Tigridis

videsne caedem plurimorum et fortium

et innocentium audiistin non tibi

faventium voces neque insanae tuae

menti novorum armorum et "Ite!" pedibus

etiam suades errantibus de tramite

equos furentes? melioribus sinas,

iam te, precamur, persuaderi inutile

bellum moventem civibus—quamquam utile est

tuis—ut orbi debitam pacem feras.


Iambic Poem, to the president of the United States

January 28, 2007.

Over Tigris' fields, blood-spattered

don't you now see the fallen--brave

and innocent both? Have you not heard

the voices of those who favor neither you

nor your raging intentions for fresh arms?

And still "Onward!" do you bid the maddened

team which has erred from the course?

We beg you, who move a war profitless

for citizens--though profitable for your own--

to bring the peace that's owed the world.

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Claudia Gregoire Esq said...

My favorite poem of yours. I've been stunned by it each time I read it, which has been many;)