Saturday, June 16, 2007

Second of three Latin Citations I composed

Kate Burton
Doctor of Fine Arts (D.F.A.)

Distinguished thespian, you came to Brown to pursue a career as a diplomat, but succumbed to the lure of theater and Production Workshop. You have graced the Broadway stage and large and small screens, portraying women in roles that have inspired us and earned accolades for you. Your simultaneous Tony Award nominations for your work in Hedda Gabler and The Elephant Man earned you a place in theater history as just one of three actors who have earned two nominations in one season. Your Emmy-nominated performance as a career-driven surgeon afflicted by Alzheimer’s in Grey’s Anatomy was an acknowledged tour de force.

One of your greatest supporting roles has been the one you have played at this University. As a member of the Creative Arts Council Advisory Board, you have mentored students and supported theater and the arts at Brown. For your brilliant achievements and your many contributions that have enriched our lives, we honor you as a Doctor of Fine Arts, honoris causa.

Apud universitatem Brunensem quamquam eo studebas proposito ut rei publicae legata fieres, diversis tamen scaenicis artibus quasi allecta es ut feminarum personas, quae nobis moveant animos, tibi laudes conferant, in scaena, in theatro cinematographico, in televisionibus tractes. Non solum palma “Emmy” sed etiam bis in uno anno palma quam “Tony” nuncupant dignata es affici; hac ob partes quas egisti in utraque fabula, et Hedda Gabler et Vir Elephanticus, illa quia personam Ellis Grey, medicam chirurgiae studentissimam sed dementia quadam afflictam, praeclare tractavisti.

Ut in scaena, sic apud hanc universitatem partes, etsi secundas, tamen maximi momenti agis. Nam inter eos qui consilio musis variis provehendis dedito consulunt numerata es, ut discipulos adiuves consilio atque opera tua artemque scaenicam inter alias tuearis. Pro praeclaris factis atque multis beneficiis tuis te nomine doctoris in artibus elegantibus affficimus honoris causa.

Auctoritate mihi commissa te ad gradum in Artibus Elegantibus Doctoris admitto, omniaque jura atque privilegia ad hunc gradum pertinentia concedo. In huius testimonium hoc diploma tibi feliciter trado.

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