Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Elegiacs - Second Draft

Venisti, puer arduus! insperatus ades; spes

quas reddis vanas tum mihi erant stabiles!

tum cum nullus amor, tum cum nulla puella

non aluit gemitus, neque elegos docuit!

immota ut ventis quae semper constitit ilex

alto in monte suo; sic mea vita fuit!

Toto ob te tremulus - heu, heu! - glukupikron amorem,

corpore sum tela et iam mihi corde nocent!


You've come, harsh boy! You're here, unexpected! Hopes

which you now cause to be for nought, then in my eyes used to be firm!

Then , when no love, then, when no girlfriend

nourished laments or taught me to write elegy!

Just as an oak which, umoved by winds, has always stood firm

on its mountain, such was my way of life!

But on account of you, bittersweet love, oh! alas!

my body trembles; and your weapons have by now wounded my heart!

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