Sunday, July 26, 2009

Carmen de nocte Cantabrigii deacta
Last Night in Cambridge (to be continued)

iam celebres laeta calles sunt pube; calorem
aura coruscantem, nocte cadente, fugat.
gaudent convivis plenae quatiente tabernae
pulsu; desistit musica nec calices
vitae propini longaeque bonaeque; lucernae
sparsae intermissis luce micant tenebris.

Now the streets are thronging with life; the breeze
makes glittering summer's heat flee, as night falls.
The clubs, packed with party-goers, rejoice
as they shake with the beat, and the music doesn't,
nor do the cups, drunk in toasts to life good and long
stop; the scattered disco-lights' bright gleam
alternates with brief darkness.

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