Saturday, September 19, 2009

Don't Let Your Eager Heart Conspire
(English Iambic Tetrameter/Latin Elegiac Verse Translation)

Let not your eager heart conspire
to wreak cool reason's o'er throw
(and yet her passion'd glance inspires
the reason of this tended grove

this green-lit bow'r, wherein my song
can shelter from all harden'd glance
for there it grows, on tunèd lyre
the trellis and frame of my desire).

Cordi ne liceat praestringere mentis acumen
at mihi sunt cordi, lumina pulchra tua!
Causas quae mihi dant versus scribendi, et amorem
altum cantandi; sola velut nemora
inter quae vagor alta; polire meos libet omnes
hic versus; silva in hac mihi crescat Amor.

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