Tuesday, September 07, 2010


Hīc 'nova nupta, iō!' clāmārant laeta iuventae
turba atque aerea tum Sancta Marīa canit
Tum placet hūc nōbīs - foedera firma - redīre
'dēserere est thalamum fās sine amōre meum,'
haec tua tum dicta et potuit convīvium alacre
audīrī procul et carmina canta tibi.
coniunx et celebrat, celebrat iūcunda corōna
quamquam et stant longē, nostra susūrra placent!

Here the happy throng of youth
had shouted 'hurray for the new bride!'
Then Saint Mary sings her songs of bronze.
Then does it please us to return here -
a firm pact - then these were your words:
'It's right to desert my marriage bed
without love as it is.' Then the lively
festivities, and the songs sung for you
could be heard from afar, and your husband
celebrates, and the merry multitude.
And though they stand far off, nonetheless
our whispers please us.

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