Saturday, April 16, 2011

"They come dear son, to take our land" - Revision 5

adveniunt ut agrōs rapiant, dīlecte, paternōs
fīlī, iam in campōs agmina saeva adigunt.
pugnēmus itaque et lapidēs hōs, arripiāmus
rāmōs, extorta et corde ferōce valent!
oscula dā mātrī; claustrumque impōnere longum
dīc puerīs; et equās celsa ferant stabula!
lūceat adsiduē fulvus (nam spēcula nostrīs
cordibus ardēbit) igne micante focus!

They come dear son, to seize ancestral land;
now drive their savage throngs towards our fields.
And so let's fight, let's grasp these rocks,
these boughs: when hurled with valorous heart
they avail quite well for arms.

Kiss your mother, and tell the boys
to put the long bolt on the door;
to bring the mares to stables high,
and to keep the hearth (for a glimmer
of hope will continue to blaze in our hearts)
lit with glittering fire.


Anonymous said...

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glossarium said...

Placent me multum blogia scriptae in latina lingua. Gratias te dono. Saludos desde España / Ego saluto te ex Hispania.