Monday, July 14, 2008

Scribant Apta Tvae (Elegiac Poem; first draft)

Scribant apta tuae magni sua verba poetae
formae; laudentur lumina pulchra tua
aptus erit pernix celebrari carmine motus
Saltas cum gracili, pube vidente, pede.
Certe ad cantandos nata est Elegia capillos
fulvos et pedibus labra canenda suis.

Let the great poets write their words, so as to be fitting to your beauty.
Let your fair eyes be praised; your nimble movement will be suitable
for celebration in song, whenever you dance with graceful step,
as the young men look on.
Certainly Elegy was created for singing of your chestnut hair
and for singing of your lips, all in its measures.

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