Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Strangers in the Night: Elegiac meter version.

Strangers in the night exchanging glances
Wondring in the night
What were the chances wed be sharing love
Before the night was through.

Something in your eyes was so inviting,
Something in you smile was so exciting,
Something in my heart,
Told me I must have you.

Strangers in the night, two lonely people
we were strangers in the night
up to the moment
when we said our first hello

Ignoti inter se tacitam aspiciunt per noctem
nocte rogant utrum possit Amor mutuus
conciliare prius quam Aurora cucurrerit altum
ad caelum; Nox et fugerit astra trahens.

Risu motus eram*; pulchrisque allectus ocellis
iusserit ut mihi cor te tenuisse meam .
Nocte salutemus dum inter nos usque manemus#
Ignoti; soli nocte manemus ea.
*in Propertian usage pluperfect sts.=perfect.
#graphic present (for past)

They glance at each other, to each other unknown
during the still night. During the night
They wonder whether reciprocal Love
could unite them, before lady Dawn has sped
to lofty heaven in her chariot, and night
has fled, trailing stars.

I was moved by your smile
and attracted by your beautiful eyes
with this result:
My heart bade me to have you as my own.

During the night, we remain uknown
During that night, we remain alone
Right up until we exchange mutual greetings.

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