Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Westron Wynde (elegiac poem)

Westron Wynde, when wilt thou blow
The small raine down can raine
Cryst, if my love were in my arms
and I in my bedde again!

O, Zephyre, flabunt quando tibi leniter aurae?
(imbre Iovi parco tum liceat pluere*!)
O, molli si iterum in lecto versarer, amatam
amplexu possem continuisse meam!
vel addas tingere tum liceat (Chris Jones).

O Western Wind, when will your breezes gently blow?
(then let it be permitted to Jove
to rain down with sparing rain!)
O, if only I were once again in my soft bed,
and able to hold my beloved
in my embrace!


Chris Jones said...

Quite enjoyed your "Work in Progress" on the Westron Wynde and posted on it at my blog. I preferred the couplet you adopted in the final, but wonder what you might think of tingere tum liceat for the last half of the pentameter, a phrase which IMO avoids the repetition imbre...pluere. Not a criticism, just a thought; your poem stands fine as it is.

Peter Lech said...

Love it! Also, I think licet alicui tingere is better Latin than l. a. pluere...