Friday, January 09, 2009

Astronaut's Love Song (Version 1)

Me tetigit caeli in celsis Amor ipse sagitta
terrarum quamvis orbe procul fugerem!
Non inter sparsas valui iam nare planetas
nauta nec intrepidus caeco habitare polo!
Has demum terras, haec tandem litora adeptus
quis via fulgebat tum facibus posui
miram sidereos galeam vestemque calores
amitto arcentes; nudus et orbus amo!

Love has struck me, while amidst heaven's heights
with his arrow, Love himself,
though I ran far from the inhabited world.
No longer could I swim amongst the scattered planets
Nor, bold astronaut though I was, live in the blind heights of heaven.
Finally touched down on this earth, finally on these shores,
I put aside the torches by which my way was then lit,
I put away my miraculous helm and garb,
the ones which fended off the star's bright heat,
And, nude and destitute, I am in love.

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