Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Astronaut's Love Song
(componenda membra - fragments having-to-be-put-together)

Me tetigit caeli in celsis Amor ipse sagitta
terrarum quamvis orbe procul fugerem!
Et cecidi, nondum cupiebam nare planetas
nauta inter sparsas


has demum terras, haec tandem litora adeptus
quis via fulgebat tum facibus posui,
miram sidereos vestem galeamque calores
amitto arcentes, et mihi ridet Amor!*

*tibicen (temporary support)

Love has struck me, amidst the heights of heaven
with his arrow, yes, Love himself,
though I was fleeing far from earth.
And I fell, no longer did I want to swim
amidst the planets, an astronaut,

having at last touched down on this land, these shores
I put aside the torches with which my way was lit
I put aside my miraculous helmet and garments
the ones which warded off the star's bright heat.

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