Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Alcaic Stanza for work in progress:
"I can see the pines are dancing"

fērā poēta in silvā ululam velut
lūnae lupus cēdentibus asperae
signīs suō caecīs nitōre
rursus Amor volitans relīquit

quem nunc canentem barbitos adiuvat
maestus poētam; hoc et mihi sit melos
ignī furantī; quō involūtus
mox fuerō renovanda ut āles

Let me howl like a wolf
in the wild wood;
night's standard-bearers
to the jagged moon
give way, unseen
for its bright gleaming.

Quick-moving love again has left again.

Let this song be
as a raging fire
and I the Phoenix,
consumed by it.

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