Sunday, October 04, 2009

Dēsiste, cor
In Alcaic Meter
Inspired by A.A. Bondy "I can see the pines are dancing"
In memory of Summer 2009

Dēsiste, cor, iam tundere pectora:
nōn tē cicādae cantus in arduō
saltū relaxat? - (1) qu
ī serēnā
nocte facit saliant comētae

saltū relaxat? - (2) quī comētās
nocte trahit mediā fugācēs .


Heart, stop pounding 'gainst my chest:
Doesn't the cicada's sweet song
filling the steep mountain ravine
soothe you?

And it makes the comets dance
across the serene night sky.
and it lures the comets out
streaking 'cross the midnight sky

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