Monday, November 02, 2009

(1) First line of an Alcaic "Soon to Graduate":

doctam ērudītīs praepositam artibus

O Citadel of Learning;
Seat of the Fine Arts

(2) Stanza for an Alcaic poem for work in progress:

egens puellae quō fugiam meae?
Montēs adeptus num Viridēs vager
lūnae velut qui lūminōsae
vōce lupus minitante cantat

explens sonō lustra et nemora invia

Where should I flee
Now that I'm without my girl?
Having arrived at the Green Mountains
Should I there wander,
like a wolf who sings
to the luminous moon
with menacing voice

Filling his haunts and glades
with the savage sound?

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