Sunday, November 22, 2009

Patroclus ut Achillis īra minuātur precātur.

"Furōris ardens et nimis ignibus
accense, flectī tē sine carmine
ut fonte pūrō dēminūta est
flamma furensve fugātus Auster

maris potentī, nam cohibet manūs
vī turma Grāiās Hectoreā tenax:
Lux nostra, iam dēpōne saevam
rōbora quā pereunt Achaea

īram, minus hāc sī moveam prece,
incerta saltem tē moneat tuba
nōn sustinērī posse Phoebō
tēla diū Lycia adiuvante."

Patroklos prays that Akhilleus' anger be assuaged.

"O blazing and too roused by anger's fires
Be thou bent and softened by this prayer
just as flames are lessened by pure waters
or the South wind, which flees at Neptune's bidding.

For the Trojan squadron, holding fast
by Hector's might, hems in the Danaan troops.
O, our saving light, now lay aside
the savage anger by which

our best now die. And if I not move you
by this prayer, then at least let
the uncertain trumpets' blare remind you
that Lycian arrows can not much longer
be withstood, so long as Apollo helps their side."

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